2020 New spring flavors!

Coming soon, we are offering 4 new flavors for spring and summer. After perfecting them all winter, you're going to love these newbies.

🥒Citrus Cucumber has become by go-to for a nice, light and refreshing Vodka Soda.
🍹Caribbean Rum Punch is essentially a Hurricane, but with MUCH less sugar. It's goooooood.
🍊Blueberry Orange is great for vodka or gin. Perfect for summer!
🍓Very Berry White Sangria is a new summer sangria to replace the Spice White Sangria. Don't worry, it will be back in the fall!

Presale will be available soon.

Also, gift cards are now available!

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  • Kristan Massey

    Hi Ash! I need a hook up for the virtual happy hour!!! 🍸

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