Popular Questions!

We realize InBooze is a new concept, so here's a few answers to your most popular questions!

How many drinks does each kit make?

For all kits, except the sangria, you infuse 2 cups of your favorite alcohol. Sangria can use 1-2 bottles of wine for infusion.  That makes about 6-8 drinks...sometimes more, depending on how you pour. Also, you can get 2 pitchers per infusion, with about 1 cup, plus mixer in each. FAB for parties!

How long is it good for?

Once infused, remove the infusion bag and store covered in a cool place for up to 3 months. It really can't go bad and let's be honest, it never lasts that long! Most people store their mason jars in the fridge.

What do you pair it with?

This is where you can have fun with InBooze and make it your own! Suggested pairings are:

  • Flavored sparkling water
  • 7UP, Sierra Mist, Sprite, Fresca
  • Tonic or soda water, plus citrus garnish

Can I modify flavors?

A few flavors can be modified slightly.

  • Bloody Mary can be made LESS spicy (it has a MEDIUM spice, normally)
  • Classic Margarita can be made spicy, but we do offer a Spicy Margarita, also! 
  • Mule can have fruit added: strawberry, blackberry, pineapple or blueberry

Are bulk orders possible?

Yes, with enough advance warning, bulk orders are possible. Perfect for large events, weddings and more! Please email Ashleigh at inboozekits@gmail.com to discuss.

I'm an influencer, can I get some free to try?

Since we are just starting out, we cannot supply free items for everyone who asks. Please send an email and we can discuss collaborations! info@inbooze.com

Do you offer donations for charitable events?

We consider all options. Please fill out this form


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    Do you leave the booze with infusion out or should it be refrigerated for those three days and after that also

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    How many infusion bags are in a pack?

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