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Red Sangria Wine Infusion Kit

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Sangria is the perfect pitcher drink to bring to a party! This Red Wine sangria infusion is so easy, all you need to grab is some wine. Want it extra special? Add a splash of Blackberry Brandy. Great stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite wine lover. Cheers!
Red Sangria Wine Infusion Kit
Red Sangria Wine Infusion Kit
Red Sangria Wine Infusion Kit
Red Sangria Wine Infusion Kit

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Looking for the perfect cocktail kit for a gift or yourself?

Let InBooze kits do all of the work for your next party. Infuse your favorite red wine for 3+ days using the Sangria kit, then serve with a splash of lemon-lime pop. Couldn't be easier!

For an extra kick, add 1 cup of Blackberry Brandy.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Michigan honeycrisp apples, Dehydrated Organic oranges, Homemade cranberry infused sugar cube, Cinnamon stick.

Each infusion kit makes a large pitcher of Sangria (add 1 to 2 bottles of wine for 6-12 servings). All ingredients come in a tea style bag to infuse in a large, covered container--a glass pitcher is best.

Once infused, store in the fridge to enjoy as you please.

Kits are shelf stable for 18 months. Great hostess gift with a bottle of your favorite alcohol!

Questions, please ask!

Party Sangria

Add 1.75L of favorite red blend wine to a pitcher, plus InBooze sangria bag.
Cover and allow to infuse for 3 days.
Add 1.5 cups of Blackberry Brandy.
To serve: Add ice to a stemless wine glass, then add sangria 3/4 the way up. Top with lemon/lime pop or sparkling water.

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