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InBooze is a line of alcohol infusion kits created by Ashleigh Evans, a mom of 4 and cocktail lover. In 2018, she started InBooze to create an easier way for everyone to enjoy cocktails from home. Starting with 3 flavors, we now offer over 20 varieties! Although we love our cocktails, InBooze is also great for mocktails. Check out our Instagram page for plenty of how-to videos!

Each package contains one large infusion bag for at least 2 cups of alcohol. The bag will contain dehydrated fruits, spices and herbs, plus some contain a handmade sugar cube. Eac

It is completely up to you! You can put your infusion in the fridge or simply store in a cabinet or cool place. We recommend that you keep it away from direct sunlight or by the stove.

Each kit is good for 2 years, as stamped on the back of the package. Once infused for 3 days, your InBooze will be good for 6 months...although it never seems to last that long!

When you open your package, you’ll find a pouch filled with dehydrated fruits, spices, and herbs (and potentially a sugar cube). Grab a mason jar or any container with a lid, place the pouch in the jar, and add at least two cups of your liquid of choice to the container. If you’re infusing in wine or liquor, you’ll want to wait 3 days to get the full flavor. If you’re infusing in water, your mocktail will be ready within just 1 day! Once you’re done waiting, discard the pouch and keep the remaining infusion away from heat.

Ashleigh built her own commercial kitchen space in Grandville, Michigan. InBooze is 100% created there, from slicing and dehydrating, to pouching. We love our space! You can shop in our small store front or host an event! Email us for more information!

You can find the stockist list under "wholesale" here on the website. Simply put in your zip code and we might be at a local store near you. *noted: we update our list monthly, so check back often!